From Legalized Gambling to The Downtown Project: The History of Fremont East

Before Las Vegas Boulevard was world-famous, Fremont Street was the epicenter of activity in Downtown Las Vegas as early as 1905. While Fremont Street later became known as the “Glitter Gulch” for its flashing neon casino signs, it didn’t receive the city’s first street light until 1931. Many of the signs locals remember from decades past are now housed at the Neon Museum, and more than a few of the oldest casinos and businesses no longer exist along the iconic boulevard.

Find the Coolest Bookstores in These Las Vegas Neighborhoods

After you’ve lived in Las Vegas long enough, strangers inevitably ask you funny questions about the city and seem surprised to learn that we have schools, libraries, and bookstores. Although Las Vegas locals of the past have been known to claim the city has no culture, this mindset has shifted since indie bookstores made their way into town. Now, they’re an anchor for the literary scene in Las Vegas. Here are the coolest bookstores in these Las Vegas neighborhoods.

The 6 Best Las Vegas Coworking Spaces for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Even if you aren’t a freelancer, coworking has become so ubiquitous that some think of it as nothing more than a buzzword. Yet CityLab estimates that somewhere between four and six percent of the Las Vegas workforce is self-employed. Although this may not seem like a large number, this means that thousands of Las Vegas residents need space to get work done. Luckily, this city has plenty of great coworking spots. Although Downtown is a concentrated area for coworking, neighborhoods throughout town have their own spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Have Your Next Las Vegas Staycation in These 4 Neighborhoods

WalletHub recently named Las Vegas as the seventh best place to take a staycation out of 182 U.S. cities, which included 150 of the most populated cities. Based on recreation, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation, WalletHub evaluated each city using 40 metrics in each category, which revealed that Las Vegas took second place for best food and entertainment. North Las Vegas and Henderson ranked 37 and 56 on the list respectively.

The Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods to Avoid Tourists

There’s a reason that Las Vegas is known as Sin City. Back in the day, the area east of the train depot became the center of gambling, drinking, and prostitution before laws regulated these practices in Nevada. It didn’t take long for Las Vegas to be recognized as the party capital of the West Coast (and, arguably, the country). It’s no thanks to this reputation that the city became the place for outsiders to party and unleash inhibitions. Visitors also believe that The Strip is the only thoroughfare in town. But, for locals who want a break from Las Vegas Boulevard, there’s a lot more to experience in the city’s local neighborhoods.

5 Historic Neighborhoods in Las Vegas

While historic neighborhoods in Las Vegas aren’t nearly as old as those found in other major cities, they are just as fascinating and rich with local lore. Although Las Vegas has several historic neighborhoods, only some of them are officially designated as historic. To receive recognition by the city, historic neighborhoods must be more than 40 years old, represent a strong connection to the city as it once was, and have unique architecture. Only two neighborhoods in Las Vegas are acknowledged by the city, but the Nevada Preservation Foundation seeks to commemorate all of them with walking and biking tours. Here are five notable historic neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

A Local's Guide to Old Henderson's Water Street District

Today, this historical district is the heart of the city of Henderson. In a sense, Water Street District is to Henderson what Downtown is to Las Vegas. It’s an incubator for small, local businesses and a fun, vibrant thoroughfare full of gaming, restaurants, and regular farmers markets that cultivates a sense of community among residents. While there’s been redevelopment on Water Street, its small-town charm still remains. Here’s a guide to the best of Water Street District.

6 Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods to Find Food Trucks

Las Vegas plays host to a whole range of food trucks that serve everything from desserts to dinner. Local favorites include Grouchy John’s, Fuku Burger, and The Cookie Bar, but besides taking a look at the websites and Twitter pages, it’s not always easy to find where they congregate. There may be lists and guides of popular food trucks throughout the Valley, but they don’t always let you know where they are. There’s talk of a food truck paradise in Spring Valley where 36 trucks would have a more permanent home, but for now, these eateries still roam Las Vegas daily.

A Beer Lover's Guide to Las Vegas' Best Breweries

Downtown may be an incubator for new breweries, but Las Vegas as a whole is a growing epicenter of beer culture. Although tourists are surprised at the sheer number of breweries in the Valley, it comes as less of a shock to locals accustomed to getting their fix all over town. Although Las Vegas is still known for its craft cocktails, the tide is turning towards these beer destinations. Here are seven Las Vegas breweries that need to be on your list.